Meet Our Farmers
Getrude Mwangomanjewa
Rachel Kichuchua
Elizabeth Chao

Jones Mwakima

Our Host:
Mr. Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua
Leader of the Tsavos Community Volunteers and
Conservationist Expert for over 15 years.
Mr. Mwalua has been trying for four years to find an organization that would partner with him to help his community before Connection Africa stepped in an offered to help.
"African farmers think honey fences are the bee’s knees"
Some of the Farmers & Their Wives/Families Waiting for their Farms to be Sponsored...

Rachel Wanjala Kimbio

Rabecca Mwake Manjewa

Delvan Kitatuichuchua
Elephant LIVES

Some of the elements needed for this project:


BEE Suits




Ground Water Analysis


Soil Management Implementation

Simple Solution to Save Lives - Simple Solution to Prevent
Unnecessary, Painful Deaths...

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