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Marci Biagi



C. D. Carter, MBA

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Terry Leith

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Dr. William Clark and Judi Wakhungu, Kenya's Cabinet Secretary





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  Sean Myler, Irlend  --  Patrick , Kenya  --  Rashid , Ghana  --  



 President Emeritus, Founder
Nanette Wheeler-Carter 



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Dr. William Clark - Honorable Warden KWS


Skhumbuzo Mbewu - South Africa


Deus Haraja - Tanzania


Abdul Rashid Egala - Ghana

Elephants and all their magic are only one aspect of my activism, Children of the world are the other. Humans are reproducing at an alarming rate and, at the same time, we are destroying the world, and killing off all the other species that we inhabit the planet with.   This concerns me greatly. Even so much as to say it keeps me up at night and is the reason I get up in the morning. Starting CA4Elephants, Inc. (Connection Africa dba) was one of the highlights of my life as it was a labor of love to truly make an impact in the world. 


Unfortunately, a stalker, for over a year threatened me, my family, board members and every organization we work with and many we didn't. Apparently, my work made someone VERY UPSET - Although we reached out to local police department and even the FBI - there was NOTHING anyone would do to assist us to shut this effort to cause harm down. If you think you are safe being advocate for the environment, wildlife, you are not. There is major profit in destroying the world and when someone comes along and upsets their greed - they take that money and use to try to destroy you and anything and everything around you.


So it was with tremendous sorrow - but necessary - for me to decided to step down as president. This way, I have the highest hopes that the stalker will keep their focus on me and Connection Africa will be able to continue the efforts we have worded so hard to establish in supporting anti-poaching efforts and mitigating human/elephant conflicts.

I've LOVED every minute of my tenure to work towards ending the slaughter of elephants and you can rest assured, I will continue on a personal level. It will take more than a cowardice stalker, that hides in the shadows to STOP me from working towards making the world a better place for all to live - Especially Our Children in THEIR World!

Nanette Wheeler-Carter

Ms. Marci Biagi has been elected President of Connection Africa. She posses a long standing executive level business background. Under the leadership of Ms. Biagi, our diverse team of conservationists, environmentalists and business experts make up our Board of Directors and Advisory Board.
Connection Africa's collective expertise allows CA to be poised to develop solutions to help mitigate conditions that cause conflicts between humans, wildlife and environmental destruction.
Together, we employ the passion to assist in projects that will effectively SAVE Elephants & Rhinos currently facing extinction.
We Power On
Because Lives Are Depending on US....
We Power On
Because Lives Are Depending on US....