Bee Hives to Save Elephants Lives
Bee Hives to Save Elephants Lives

Below is a copy of the sponsorship form. You can either print out this form or the PDF version above - Fill in - Scan - Email back to us at - Make your $500 Sponsorship Donation via Paypal like above.

Currently, farmers use any means possible to desuade elephants from entering and destroying their crops. The most popular method is installing 5 - 6" stakes into the ground. 
As elephants step on the stakes they pierce their delicate feet - causing intense pain, infection and ultimate death.
Installing BEE HIVES prevents elephants from entering farmers crops. Additionally, elephants trumpet a sound that can be heard by other elephants up to ten miles to NOT come to that area due to the bees.
This project calls for 4500 beehives to help over 300 farmers avoid and STOP their conflicts with elephants.
BEE HIVES for ONE farm costs:
*  $450 to build and install 10 - 15 hives per farm
*  $  50 to train and maintain for one year - then the hive becomes self-sustaining.
If you're interested in sponsoring BEE HIVES for a farmer and to HELP SAVE ELEPHANTS from PREVENTABLE DEATHS please contact us soon. We will begin installing October 2016.
*   Farmers saving over ONE MILLION in lost crop damage 

*   SAVE Elephants from PAINFUL DEATHS

*   Empower women with economic stability with

     development of products from the honey, wax, etc.

     Empowering women will help to provide...

*   Education for children - educate children...


*   Minimizes poverty and provides...


*   Community development