About Us 

Qumquat" Matriarch and her herd, October 12, 2012 - Photo by Nick Brandt - The entire family was poached two days after this photo was taken.

Including her sister and baby.




Whether in the Western countries and even in African countries, the number one question we are asked, "Why should I care about elephants?" Our job is to help people understand the significance of elephants to the existence of HUMANS.

Our efforts help to improve human conditions and minimize poaching. Working with villages and communities to employ Conservation Community Based Resource Management to generate renewable revenue. Minimize poverty - maximize sustainability.

We need laws because humans cannot always be trusted to do the right thing. Right now, the right thing is to SAVE our environment and wildlife. This requires domestic and international advocates to ensure stringent penalties to protect the earth and ALL her inhabitants.

Many people today, do not realize that in the past 40 years human demand for ivory has literally driven elephants to the verge of extinction.  The Asian middle class has grown and with new financial means coupled with cultural beliefs the demand for ivory, rhino horn, tiger paw, shark fin, whaling, and so many other highly endangered species has grown exponentially. These species, and many other’s like the pangolins simply cannot reproduce fast enough to keep up with human consumption.


Additionally, the human species is rapidly approaching eight billion. Not only does this put an unrealistic demand on other species already in decline, but it puts pressure on land. The land where wildlife once roamed abundantly and free is now embroiled in conflict between humans and wildlife.  As humans encroach on the environment wildlife needs to survive these conflicts additionally contribute to demise of the world’s precious, iconic, keystone species.

Whether on land or in the oceans, these species are critical for maintaining the GOOD HEALTH of our PLANET - the foundation to which all LIFE depends on for survival.

We have formed a three tiered organization to address the major challenges the world's elephants and other highly endangered species face - It is our hope that through EDUCATION - SUSTAINABILITY - LEGISLATION that we can SAVE OUR World's wildlife.

A bucket-list dream trip to Africa opened up our eyes to the sad situation our world will face if elephants (and other keystone species like rhinos and whales) are allowed to be driven into extinction due to human over consumption for VANITY and GREED.

Since then, we have been working to help educate HUMANS to understand the value of keeping these iconic species ALIVE and thriving. These mammals play a major role in maintaining the delicate biodiversity of the environment ALL LIVING creatures depend on to sustain their existence - and this includes ALL HUMAN life.

Connection Africa works to provide EDUCATION domestically and internationally. Here in America, it is critical to help people understand 'why' they should care about what happens around the world and how it will have an ultimate effect on them. We also help to educate indigenous people in African countries the virtues of learning to co-exist with these amazing creatures.


In several African countries, we help local villages and communities with SUSTAINABILITY projects. By working with community leaders we can identify renewable resources.  By establishing renewable revenue communities are stimulated. The growth of villages and communities often leads them out of poverty and provides educational opportunities for children.

When poaching or illegal hunting or all-and-all out right murder of innocent wildlife occurs, it is necessary to review existing laws, rewrite or implement new LEGISLATION (state / nationally / globally ) to protect these species from over human consumption.  Connection Africa works with legislators to advocate for the implementation of laws that work to protect all species but in particular, highly endangered species like elephants and rhinos.


If elephants, rhinos, and so many other wonderful creatures are to survive for future generations to enjoy, then it is imperative we do everything we possibly can now to turn the tides - We work to give these species a chance to regenerate their numbers. Right now, they are being killed at record, unsustainable rates. Their body parts are sold for profit and these profits have been traced to funding world terrorism.

WE must work to save these species from extinction. If we lose them for immediate financial goals, we will lose our souls. For as they fall, so will the human race. WE need elephants to manicure our largest land mass on this planet. We need them to plant trees, provide water holes, etc. for over 100 other species to survive. If we let the last elephant die... we are signing our own death certificates.